At Frida’s pizzeria you will get the chance to try pizzas made in accordance with different traditional stlye…along with something extra.

Lieavening for a minimum of 48hrs, top-most ingredients sourced from selected suppliers, moreover fresh ingredients just-made. Each pizza is personally made by Pizzaiolo Chef Antonio Di Blasi from mixture dough left to lieave more than 48 hrs, outcome of a secret recipe; those ingredients are, beside yeast, water and oil are a precious blend of flour.

Being it thinner, thicker or filled, so that the utmost quality is guaranteed at all times, and each dough is measured by the gram! This in order to guarantee you always the same quality.

This is what you can taste at Frida’s Pizzeria:



Thin dough, this is a classic pizza – roman style, thin and crusty, but well made.


With a thicker crust, the classic Napoletana, re-made it according to Pizzaiolo Chef Antonio Di Blasi’s procedure: soft and thin dough, yet with thick crust named “cornicione”, it is intended to be the quintessential Italian pizza.


Popular for their square shape, but not only that, as the crust reveals a pleasant surprise: it is filled with the same ingredients of the pizza condiments.


Frida utilises highly digestible doughs!