Anyone who has ever tried Frida’s pizza knows what it means to enjoy a pure tasty- pizza, a pizza that will unveil a one-of a kind feelings, precious, refined, top-quality pizza.

Behind each and every Frida’s pizza, there’s chef Pizzamaker Antonio Di Blasi.

It was 1998 when, eager and out of his own curiosity, Antonio left his home town moving to Bologna to work at his brother’s pizza shop.

It wasn’t that easy to find a good pizzamarker, moreover being able to afford one: so Antonio found himself as a pizzamaker. He learnt, and he did it quickly: in just three months, and without much guidance, Antonio was able to make even 100 pizzas a night!

Many experiences later in different locations across Italy “the boot”, eager to learn and try on, along with a strong passion for cooking 360 degrees, all these elements brought Antonio and his wife Ornella to build up a pizza shop, where to offer their ideas and let the public notice them.

After one year looking for the right spot, finally the couple found a place: just before giving up for good. Right in that shop located in Piazza Sant’Onofrio they decided to invest all their efforts from the past 14 years.

So here we go, Frida Pizzeria was born, a place where to find different pizza styles, a new way of pizza making. A unique blend between traditional pizza makers and innovative chef, Antonio Di Blasi, almost accidentally, just by following his passion, has revolutionised the pizzamaker’s role, making it closer to a chef: from ingredients selection, always fresh and top-most quality, till a new compound, including creativity in the serving and the special pizza “of the day”.

Seeing is believing!